Effective Branding Design and Ocean Devotion

10 best ways to build a brand in 2021

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  1. Define how you want to be perceived, how do you want be described
  2. Research your client demographic & competitors
  3. Identify your target market / best customer
  4. Consider the company culture
  5. Choose a colour palette based on research
  6. Design a brand mark (logo) around this research
  7. Integrate your logo into every aspect of your business
  8. Build on your company culture
  9. Separate your unique differentiators
  10. Keep evolving the brand

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You're helping our Oceans
By using my services you can feel good knowing that a percentage of the profits goes to marine conservation charities or paying for net cutters to free seals from ghost netting

Logo design inspiration and brand design examples from a Kent Designer
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Starting at just £499 for our standard site, you can get your business online fast. All of our sites are bespoke designs and we work with you to build the best outcome.

Offering 'Edit Yourself' back office with every site we build so you can change your own images, text and prices. Support is completely FREE for the duration of the website life.

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Proud to be supporting

British Divers Marine Life Rescue

It's an honour to donate a percentage of our profits to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue charity. Our money will go towards more net cutters to assist volunteers that rescue seals .

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