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Gavin Munnings

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"We still need to know how to dispose of the wretched material, surely if we can invent it, somebody somewhere is going to be able to deal with it, to deal with these mountains of this appalling material."

Sir David Attenborough
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Get to know Me

I am a freelance graphic designer/illustrator who is fortunate enough to live and work by the sea in beautiful Dymchurch, Kent.

I have been designing in one form or another most of my life and have worked in large format print, exhibition design and build, website design and the illustration industries at management/board level since my early twenties. I enjoy sailing and volunteer in my free time as the RNLI Lifeboat Press Officer engaging with the various local and national media outlets covering stories regarding rescues.

As mentioned on my home page I care passionately about our environment and desperately endeavour to work with sustainability at the forefront of my mind and business. I encourage, promote and take part in regular beach cleans in partnership with our local RNLI crew and the public and donate a percentage of all profits from my designs to the following two marine conservation charities.

By choosing to use me you are contributing and helping to eradicate the UK’s plastic pollution problem. With the chance of having more plastic in the seas than fish by the year 2050 this is a very real threat to the aquatic environment and in turn our food security and it’s a problem that we all need to address.

"Small companies can make a difference, we should all be shooting for the stuff we're passionate about while carrying out our day to day works. MY passion just happens to be the sea and I make no apologies for that."

All print purchased by you or on your behalf will also be sourced and delivered in an environmentally safer way, as I use alternatives and responsibly produced materials and inks.

Any organisation registered under ISO 14001 is more than welcome to use my sourcing credentials and supply chain information in maintaining their ISO accreditation.

Working within the graphic design industry is a blessing; I see all kinds of businesses, business leaders and entrepreneurs and watch their dreams mature and flourish, knowing that I helped that happen.

"You can, and should, still be Rock ‘n’ Roll and care about what you're doing each day. Brands should be rockstars, not corporate white noise, and if you can help the environment, reduce pollution, preserve the planet for our children or benefit a charity or school while you're doing it, all the better.

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