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“Good design is as little design as possible.”

Yvon Chouinard

Brand Identity Design

Targeted to connect with your audience.

As a business owner you have a lot of plates to spin. Think about this for second..
Why do you need a designer?
Because making stuff look pretty isn't the whole picture. Do you know who you're trying to sell to?
Everything we design is researched to within an inch of its life, we research who your perfect customer may be, what connects with your client demographic, what they like, colours, trends, style etc. That's before a pen touches paper or an Apple Mac is even switched on....this research becomes the design the design becomes your visual brand your brand becomes your reputation and so on.

By connecting with your perfect customer with visuals you can rely on your advertising reaching the right people first time rather than a hit and miss approach that most businesses use. If you know who you should be selling your products to then you can really convert advertising into sales with pin pointaccuracy.

Yes a designer makes business look nice but there is a lot of thought and ideas that go into why we use elements and colours within those pretty designs.
Cheap, unresearched design is expensive because you waste money on the hit and hope style of marketing your company. You pay an accountant to save you time and money so why not a graphic designer.
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