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Why get a professionally designed logo?

Logo's are not just pretty items that head up your visual branding. A good graphic designer will do some research before ever starting a design.

Who are you selling to?
If your answer is everyone, you're doing something wrong. Marketing your products becomes so much easier once you have researched your perfect customer demographic to find out who is most likely to buy your product or service, you then design items that are more likely to have an emotional connection in the potential clients mind.

Pretty or Effective?
Is your logo pretty? Does it work for you while you sleep, does it align itself with your clients likes and trust. Is it timeless, or will it need updating after a short while? Professionally designed, effective logo's do all of the above and more because of the research done by the designer.

A designers research will even deliver an idea of the best colours to use. "I like blue, so do it blue" is not the right idea. It's not about you. It's all about the client, what would they like.

Types of logo use.
We have designed logos for a lot more than the main brand mark. Logos can be used for different training courses, separate product identities, different fast food meals etc.
Give the main products an identity of their own that your customers can get behind. Apple do it all the time albeit quietly...think iPad, iPencil, iMac, MacBook they all have identities.

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