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July 3, 2020
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5 Tips on designing a logo before you design a logo

5 Tips on designing a logo before you design a logo

So you may think designing a logo is a cheap and easy way to get a business brand off the ground? It sure is if don't care about your business? Want to know why good logo design doesn't cost a fiver as some freelance sites would have you believe?

Tip 1

Don't design your logo yourself.

You might be an accountant or restaurant owner with a trillion years experience in running or working in your industry. As designers, we do too and no we don't have the years under our belts in your industry but what we do have is a set of ears to listen to you and collaborate to come up with the best possible "perfect customer" We also know what colours, styles, fonts etc connect with that perfect client.

Tip 2

Know who your selling to

We are already on our way to to putting an idea together here and we haven't designed a thing yet...If you don't know who you're going to sell to then you might as well be in a boat sailing off to anywhere the boat fancies. Get in control and decide on your market. Think hard about what that customer would be like. How old, male or female or both, salary, hobbies they might take in, purchasing decisions, employment level and so on. Nail it right down until you have that image of the best customer you can think of that would buy your products or services. Then research the kind of lifestyle these people follow and add that into your perfect client image.

Tip 3

Start putting the pieces together

Now you are armed with the research you have done about your perfect customer you can start adding to the puzzle. Ask yourself what kind of style this person is into. What colours connect? Will the fonts you use need to be playful and rounded or formal using beautiful typography. What is the culture of the business? Friendly, young and energetic or straight talking, serious and strong. Every one of these company cultures will need a different style and approach.

Logo design in Kent

Tip 4

Sketch ideas

Armed with another lot of information you can now actually start adding ideas to paper with a sketch pad. At this stage it doesn't matter what comes out, just get as much "stuff" down on the page until you feel you have three ideas worth a second look. Take these ideas and draw them out again cleanly, still with pencil and paper. At this point it's a good idea to show close friends and family and explain the reasoning behind every element of the logo.

Tip 5

Reproduce the logo design digitally

After scanning or taking a photo of the final drawing and adding into your vector design software on the computer start to put together a digital version of the logo design. Now is a good time to test the logo at a really small size to make sure it works on small screen sizes and the favicon image used on website browser tabs @32px x 32px

If you're confident the logo is okay at the very smallest size in black and white then carry on to the colour render stage. This is one of the hardest parts to get right and there is a ton of info online about color palettes and which colours mean what and to who, it's worth taking a look at for help finding the right colours to use.

I could go on and on about logo design and add a load more tips but these very basic tips will help you initially when deciding whether its worth actually investing in your company brand visuals and paying a professional designer to add value and more custom to your business online or off or if it's worth wasting time and money spending money with companies like Fiverr freelancers and ending up doing it all again but properly at a later stage in the business. The question you need to ask yourself is...would I have already damaged my brand by using designs that potentially mean nothing to the people I want to sell to?

If you need any more info, feel free to give me a shout via the enquiry form on this site or message me on instagram.

Thanks for reading.

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