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October 12, 2021 10:07 AM
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Author - Gavin Munnings
October 12, 2021
Graphic design services in Kent


How does the whole design process work when you (the client)asks me to design something.

Logo Design Discovery

I thought I would write this blog about the process as many people don’t understand what actually goes on behind the scenes in order for me to give you the best logo design that I can.

I am a graphic designer in Dymchurch, Kent by the sea. I donate a part of my profits to marine conservation and plastic pollution charities.

So, my creative process… when I get an email asking for alogo design for instance, this is how I respond.

Firstly, I’ll send back a branding questionnaire that you will be asked to fill out online and submit back to me.

Once I have the answers you have given me I can get a good idea of the business you own, how it works, who you want to sell to and how. I get an idea of the kind of logos you like and colours.

Statement of work

I then submit a full statement of work (SOW) within a pdf format booklet.

The SOW will show in great detail dates, prices, phases of the creative process so that you can see exactly what will happen and when and also when the split costs are due if included in the quote.

Once agreed, a contract will be sent for signing. This is avery fair agreement for both client and designer that keeps everything safe, neat and tidy.  I then usually like to jump on a call or zoom to have a discovery discussion with the client.

Again, this helps me develop on the picture I’ve already got from the questionnaire.

Logo Design Research and Inspiration

I then start my own research. I’m trying to find the logoidea that will connect best you’re your perfect customer. Once you have an ideaof what your perfect client is marketing becomes much easier than trying tosell to everybody. This involves me getting inspired with word mapping, mind mapping etc any words or images that I have decided are prominent from our previous discussions I narrow down the words/images and start making sketches, basically idea generation for the logo style we both agree on developing.

Once I have narrowed this process down to a couple of tidied sketches I will send you the client the sketched ideas I have had.

Hopefully we agree on one design to develop further with feedback from the client or other ideas I come up with from the discovery sessions.

Final Logo Design Session

Once we have agreed on the one design with any added juice in the 2nd session. I will then start putting together a rough digital version and test it at very small sizes to make sure the logo design is still legible on a mobile device screen for example.

At this point I may send over some mock-ups. These will be images or products relative to the business, drinks bottles, clothing, signs, business cards that the logo might be used on in the future.

This gives the client a good visual idea of the design he or she is buying into.

If the client likes the design so far we continue in the final stages.

Logo Packaging

This includes producing tidied final logo designs and also justifying the logo to fit inside social media profiles and if needed other styles.

The final logo you receive will be in a folder with every type of file format needed for web, social or print. Also separations of logomark and text in case they are needed separated ever.

Once final payment is made the logo and artworks are completely owned by the client and can be used wherever they wish.

The designer reserves the right to use the artwork for promotion purposes only (social media platforms etc)


This might sound a bit involved but it is important to getthis first stage right as this is usually the first stage of your new brand identity design and everything else will grow outwards from this. It’s the basis of your brand design. By the way, your logo isn’t your brand it’s just the mark that heads up the perception you would like clients to connect with.

Read more about starting a brand here


This whole process should be enjoyable and exciting. A logo is one of the most important parts of your brand because it will usually be the first impression and will be seen in every aspect of you branding.

You need to get this right first time because using a half baked pretty but non effective logo then adding to websites, printed media, business cards becomes an expensive option when you realise you need to reprintand change your cheap logo.

I hope this blog gives you a real insight into what goes on in the logo designers process. Any designer that just offers you a quick quote via email is not going to give you much in way of research or intelligent design processes.

You should know what you’re spending that money on everysteps of the way.

Otherwise you are just buying someone good at Advanced Colouring In !


to find professional logo design prices, the brand questionairre or website design prices.

Sources of inspiration


Creative Bloq

Gavin Munnings
Gavin owns and runs The Sustainable Designer and has been in the design and branding industry for 30 years. In his spare time he writes for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution as a Lifeboat Press Officer and regularly goes sailing with his family on the North Kent Coast. A passionate oceans activist, Gavin always tries to help with the huge task of saving our seas and marine wildlife. Gavin believes that any company should be able to afford good graphic design and offers various ways to pay for his freelance services.
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